Environmentaly Friendly Alternatives

Hopefully, the more we understand the environment and our ecosystem, the more we will want to protect it and fix existing damage. The links below are intended to help find information and technology that can help in this area.
We must remember that the first step to living in harmony with the natural world is making our existing life-style as environmentally friendly as possible. This means examining our houses, cars, yards, and our behaviour and implementing changes, even before we look at more sophisticated solutions such as alternate energy cars and housing. We can't all live on two hectares with a passive solar house, wind generators, and all the other exciting stuff. We can conserve and reduce in our exisiting situation and encourage others to do so as well. 
Alternate Energy

Research and demonstration project on "solar hydrogen cycle".

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
Central focus for green energy efforts in Ontario

Canadian Environmental Solutions
Links to environmental issues and some proposed solutions. The site is an Industry Canada project and so may have a more commercial flavour.
Pitch-in Canada
Organizing litter clean up and many other projects.

Commercial Links

Composting Toilets