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What's a man if not put to good use?
Nothing's happened I want to forget.
What's a day without a notable
Event between sunrise and sunset?
................................ Milton Acorn
Welcome to my personal information page. I hope this will put a face to the strange guy behind this whole site. Let me warn you, before we go any farther, that the Nature Nut (John Acorn) is a hero of mine. This should serve as warning enough to most of you.If that is not sufficient, I like the poetry of the late Milton Acorn, so be doubly warned!
Don 1995
Don Hayward September 1997

I grew up in the hamlet of High Falls about sixty kilometers west of Sudbury Ontario and thirty-two kilometers from Espanola. The view below is from the banks of the Spanish River at the edge of where the town once stood. This is about one hundred meters from the site of our house. To learn more about the Spanish River and High Falls follow the links below.
Spanish River at High Falls: October 1995 
A glance at these pictures should tell where my interest in ecology came from. In truth I am torn between just wanting to enjoy nature without any serious effort and the desire to understand. However, todays pressures on the environment make it very important that as many people as possible take an interest in the natural world. Only when we can attach a value to our surroundings beyond the desire to simply convert it into personal wealth, will we want to conserve.
The Ecology Dufferin web page was conceived with the purpose of stimulating this interest. I am not a professional biologist nor an experienced amateur, though I am beginning to learn. If this site can put you in touch with nature and others who will teach and learn with you, then this will be a success.

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