Environmental Activism

The organizations listed below are both scientific and political. Some are featured regularly in the news media and are involved in controversial events. All reporting in the media should be questioned both from the point of view of accuracy and bias. Exploring these sites will provide more information about both the organizations and their issues. Each of us must evaluate all of this information to try and form a realistic understanding of environmental activism.

 The decision for or against supporting or joining any particular group is very difficult. It is not helped by the perplexing array of groups, organisations and causes. Indeed, the environmental movement seems to make most religions of the world seem unified and simple.
To be fair, however, this complexity does not simply represent the desire of individuals and groups to "run their own show". Ecosystems usually demand activity on at least three fronts: research; physical intervention (restoration etc.) and political intervention. All of these then must be applied at the local, regional, provincial, national and international levels. Like a forest, it is easy to see how different species of organization can arise to fill each niche.
In the future, I plan to attempt to re-organize this page to reflect the various catagories of organizaton.

Environment and conservation Links
Many links to conservation and environmental groups.

Canadian Nature Federation
Informs and co-ordinates action to protect the environment.
Many very interesting things here, including their on line magazine Nature Canada.
Evergreen Canada
A project oriented group dedicated to restoring the (especially urban) environment as well as educating people about local possibilities.
Green Party of Ontario
A political party that runs candidates in Ontario elections. You can find links and a complete policy statement here.
Greenpeace does research, coordination and very aggressive protesting.
Sierra Club
The Sierra Club does research, coordination and moderate protesting.
Union of concerned Scientists
Members are scientists and lay people.  Research into environmental issues and
critical comment.
World Wildlife Fund
The WWF does research, coordination and fairly aggressive protesting.