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Forest Plants of Central Ontario
Chambers, Brenda (with Legasy & Bently)
Lone Pine Publishing
206, 10426-61 Avenue
Edmonton AB
T6E 1X5
ISBN 1-55105-061-7
This is a good field guide. The pictures could be better in some cases. It is not specific for this part of central Ontario and applies more to the Algonquin/Great Lakes region of the Laurentian Shield. Lots of interesting facts and related information.

Ontario Weeds
Montgomery, F.H. (with Switzer & Kingsbury)
Ontario Government
Publication 505
Designed as an aid to farmers in destroying weeds, this is a very useful identification guide for about 150 common plants in southern Ontario. Line drawings and descriptions are generally good. There may be a more up to date version available from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Native Trees of Canada
Hosie, R.C.
Fitzhenry & Whiteside Ltd.
195 Allstate
Markham ON
L3R 4T8
ISBN: 0-88902-558-4
The classic tree identification guide for Canada. Good pictures, drawings and range maps. The binding in this paperback edition is not ideal.

Indentification Guide to Trees of Canada
Lauriault, Jean
National Museum of Natural Sciences
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
195 Allstate
Markham ON
L3R 4T8
ISBN 0-88902-564-9
Excellent guide using a tree classification method based upon the observed characteristics of the tree leaf's form and arrangement on the twig. Drawings and maps complement the text and make this a fine companion to the older Hosie guide. Perhaps a little heavy to carry on excursions but essential as a reference.

Peterson's Field Guide to Insects
Borror, Donald J. (with Richard E. White)
Houghten Mifflin Co.
215 Park Ave.
New York NY
ISBN 0-395-18523-8
Very comprehensive with numerous coloured pictures and helpful information. Because of the large number of species involved, it is not possible to list each one by genus and species For the serious observer more detailed guides will be necessary.

Birds Of North America
Chandler, S. (with Burns, Zim & Singer)
Golden Press
New York NY
ISBN 0-307-33656-5
Very comprensive with decent range guides and some help with bird calls. The pictures are sometimes not very clear. A very inexpensive helper.

Peterson's Eastern Birds
Roger Tory Peterson
Maps by Virginia Marie Peterson
Houghton Mifflin Company
215 Park Avenue South
New York NY 10003
ISBN 0-395-36164-8
The ultimate field guide with excellent specific maps. The drawings are accurate and helpful with generally good descriptions of intermediate colouring. As well, "field appearance" is also mentioned if that can differ from close up colouring.

Hinterland Who's Who
Various contributors
Canadian Wildlife Service
Web site
Very good reference for birds and animals in the Canadian wild. For the serious observer, more detailed refrences will be required but this is very comprehensive.