Site A Ecological Study

This page, and associated links, is dedicated to the detailed examination of a small part of the upper Pine River watershed located in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada.  The work is being undertaken by Don Hayward as a learning experience in ecology.
Gaining an understanding of the principles, concepts and analytical tools of several disciplines in environmental science is an essential goal of the effort.  Hopefully there will be a resulting detailed understanding of this specific segment of the watershed in terms of its physical and biological parameters and processes.  There is no time limit to this project.
As others help out or become more involved, they will be listed in the area of the "SiteA Team".   All participants and land owners within the area will receive a copy of an annual summary of each years work.  Those interested in helping or receiving an e-mail copy of the reports can contact Don at

Preliminary Map: Site A

This version of the map is current as of January 27,2002

The blue outlines the area of the watershed under study.  North is to the top.  The area is bounded on three sides by other Pine River sub branch watersheds.  The south-west facing facet is the boundary with the Grand River watershed. In general the site is in Melancthon Township west of Horning's Mills.  15 Sideroad runs east-west through the middle of the site which stretches roughly from east of the 3rd lineWHS to west of the 5th line WHS.

The study will be wide ranging, including but not limited to: monitoring the outlet water flow through the culvert on 15 Side road; habitat fragmentation; land use; human population; species inventory and song bird populations.  Click on the map to get the latest summary of the available base information.


Site A

Base data
Habitat fragmentation
Human population
Land use
Outflow stream data
Song bird study
Species inventory

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